Flint Hills Grass Fed Beef

Raised on America's Tall Grass Prairie       





      Raised on America's Native Tall Grass Prairie

Flint Hills Grass Fed Ranch Family

                       Preserving the Family and the Land they Love

Flint Hills
 ranchers raise cattle from birth to butcher on the native grasses of the rolling Flint Hills of Eastern Kansas. It is America’s last remaining native tall grass prairie. This is a designated eco-system of
5 million acres of original prairie that for centuries supported vast herds of buffalos, elk, and antelope. The
ranchers love this land. Without their careful management and grazing cattle herds, the Flint Hills as we
know it, would be lost.

A carpet of Big Blue Stem, Little Blue Stem and Switch grasses, at one time stretched from Minnesota and
Iowa down through Northern Texas. Except for the Flint Hills of Kansas and Northern Oklahoma, most of
America’s tall-grass prairies were plowed under over a century ago. By buying Flint Hills Grass Fed Beef,
you are not only getting a healthier beef product, you are helping preserve America’s remaining native
tall grass prairie. Preserving this land is critical, and you are empowering the next generation of ranchers
to hold on to this last expanse of America’s original tall grass prairie by embracing sustainable ranching

For the natural food  and fitness consumer, this is beef raised the way it is supposed to be. It’s Healthier,
higher in Omega-3 fatty acids, more Natural, since growth hormones are never used, and more
Pure, with no antibiotics. Also, a growing number of mothers are concerned about all the additives in the
foods American children eat. Flint Hills Grass Fed Beef is the back to nature alternative meat for families.


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