Flint Hills Grass Fed Beef

Raised on America's Tall Grass Prairie       





Grass Finished Beef from the Crooked-Bar-N Ranch

Rib Eye steak from Crooked -Bar-N Ranch

Raised on the Natural Grasses of the Flint Hills

Nothing better than having your own supply of beef right in your freezer. 
Every time you grill, you can have marbled babies like the ones in the photo above. Although tender and
juicy, this beef is from the Crooked-Bar-N Ranch stock that is raised from birth to butcher on Flint Hills
natural tall grass prairie. It is called grass fed or grass finished beef. No hormones, No antibiotics, but
loaded with antioxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids.

Selling sides or split sides:

  • Quarter
  • Half
  • Whole

 Here is an estimate of Take Home amounts you can expect

 Kansas residents, make room in your freezer and then call Greg Barron at the Crooked-Bar-N Ranch
for current prices, supply and availability
Juicy Rib Eye Steak on Grill


KC Strips Flint Hills


Ground Round Meat Loaf Grass Fed Beef


Call or email:
Crooked-Bar-N Ranch

Greg Barron, Flint Hills Rancher 
(785)765-2326 or cbnranch@gmail.com

Stock your freezer with a healthier beef! 


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You Can Order
the best grass fed beef
from the best grass land

Crooked-Bar-N Ranch
 Alma, Kansas 

Flint Hills Ranch near Alma Kansas