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Recipe for Crock Pot Roast

Grass Fed Beef makes this all American meal leaner and healthier  



The Multiple Personalities of Beef Roast
Classic grass fed pot roast can be several meals in one

Grass Fed Chuck Roast

Every year, as long as I can remember, my brother Greg would request pot roast for his birthday meal. Cake was an afterthought. It was that beef roast he craved.

Tender shredded beef served with mashed potato cratered mounds filled with thick gravy created from the drippings, and meat juice infused carrots, that cut with a fork.  It was like balloons, streamers, and pin the tail on the donkey sliding out of the oven. A party of flavors my brother never wanted to deviate from.

But a good roast can satisfy in so many other ways. One of my family’s favorite recipes, shredded beef burritos. We simply shred the leftover roast and then let it simmer on low covered in salsa and chili seasoning. After 45 minutes, we slap the beef on tortillas with cheese, sour cream, and more salsa, for a Mexican delight. Or the beef can be cubed and added to country cut hash browns for a quick hardy breakfast.

But my favorite leftover pot roast dish, is a simple cold roast beef sandwich.
A little mayo, slice of cheese, and lettuce on wheat bread, now that’s a party to me. 

Birthday Crockpot Roast

For Top Round, Bottom Round, Chuck or Tri-Tip
Leaner grass fed beef roasts will need a little more crock time. If you put it in before work it should be fork tender when you return home.

I browned the onion halves in olive oil before adding them to the crock after reading a roast recipe @ThePioneerWoman

2 ½ - 3 lb grass fed beef roastBrowning onions for Beef Roast
½ C Red cooking wine
1 TB Worchester Sauce
1 t salt
2 t cracked pepper
1 t Thyme
3/4 C beef broth (or water and a beef bouillon cube)
2 large onions
Carrots to your heart’s content
New potatoes quartered or smaller russets peeled (I boil these separate for mashed potatoes)

All goes into the crock pot and then slow cooked all day on low. The juices make a wonderful gravy*.

     *Ladle-out 2 cups of roast juice into a sauce pan. Add a corn starch slurry (Using your fingers,
      knead out lumps after adding 1/4 C water to 1 TB of corn starch). Whisk into roast juices while over
      medium-low heat. Keep whisking and the heat on until the gravy thickens. If it doesn’t thicken enough
      to your liking, make a little more slurry to add in.

Natural grass fed beef is lean and healthy. Full of good for you omega-3 fatty acids and loaded with antioxidants, while it is free of growth hormones and antibiotics.

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